Sunday, January 18, 2009


My church theme this year is Surrender and all of our care group lessons so far this year have been on this subject. Surrender is really a hard subject to explain and understand because it is multifaceted. On one hand I think I've got it and on the other hand I'm nowhere close to surrendering.

I trust God in everything that happens in my life, I know that he is in control and that with his guidance all is well. Everything will out to his Glory. I don't worry about things because I know God is in control, I think I've got the worrying part down, but then I wonder am I kidding myself?

Right now I feel there is something he is preparing me to do but I just don't know what it is at this time. I think not knowing is part of his training me to wait upon Him. I like to know things and he knows it. God keeps me in the dark to further my dependence on HIM. I also have to learn to listen for his direction. He speaks to me but ever so softly. I find it hard to just sit and listen for God. Prayer is not only me petitioning God but should also involve the listening aspect and I think so often we do not emphasise the listening.

I plan on listening more to God and look for the many ways he speaks to me. It is uncanny how often he nudges me during the day.

Till later - Careful listening.

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