Friday, January 9, 2009

Getting Started

Why am I sitting here doing this? I have been a lurker long enough. Finally decided to give it a try, blogging that is. We will see how long it is until my next post. I should be in bed now but here I sit. It seem like I can't sleep like I used to, is it my age? I know my Mom always said wait till you get older and you won't be able to sleep either. Well thanks Mom, I guess it is coming. Although in the mornings I have no trouble sleeping at all. It's just at night. Maybe I am reverting back to childhood, babyhood, I'll have to ask Mom at what age I started sleeping through the night, I hope that doesn't indicate how many days I have left on this earth.
Maybe if I write long enough I will get sleepy, You think? I know my Italian Greyhound Vito wants me to go to bed, I can always tell, he gets antsy, it's like he doesn't want me up too late, like he's got some big date and doesn't want any interference. OK, Vito, I'm going to bed, are you happy now, you can let the date in now,
Well see ya later and hope I sleep tonight.

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