Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ice Storm

Well who knew? I have power, heat and internet. I have no cable TV however. Everyone around me is without power except for the rest home next door. I think it must be a blessing to live next door to a rest home. We've always said that when we got old all the kids had to do was put us over the fence and we would be taken care of. But the other good thing is that we must be on the same power grid as the rest home. I think they must be a priority or something because many a time we have power when many others around us do not. But with the falling of limbs that I hear outside that could change any minute.

I got out today with Samantha and we tried the trek to the office. Well that was a trip in and of itself. We started out and the roads really were not all that bad, the County has done a wonderful job preparing for the icy conditions. However limbs crossing the highways and power lines down did cause altered directions. We finally got to the office in a round about way, but we were there and the power was on, and you know what, the phone was ringing off the wall. We did some important matters that really needed to be taken care of and then told who ever called we would be leaving early. We also put the phone system on Inclement weather mode. I wish I could figure out a way to do that from home. I bet there is a way but I just have to learn.

Everything here is fine, hubby has gone to work and hopefully will come in tonight, that is if his relief comes in tonight. If not then I guess the morning will bring him home.

My aunt who lives in the high rise here in town called to say that they were without power and everywhere she could see out her 18th floor apartment was dark. So looks like the whole town pretty much is powerless. She is fine, having a slumber party with some of her girlfriends.

Well I made it through this post and no loss. Guess I'm doing good. I hope all of you get your power on quickly and stay warm.

Till later.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


My church theme this year is Surrender and all of our care group lessons so far this year have been on this subject. Surrender is really a hard subject to explain and understand because it is multifaceted. On one hand I think I've got it and on the other hand I'm nowhere close to surrendering.

I trust God in everything that happens in my life, I know that he is in control and that with his guidance all is well. Everything will out to his Glory. I don't worry about things because I know God is in control, I think I've got the worrying part down, but then I wonder am I kidding myself?

Right now I feel there is something he is preparing me to do but I just don't know what it is at this time. I think not knowing is part of his training me to wait upon Him. I like to know things and he knows it. God keeps me in the dark to further my dependence on HIM. I also have to learn to listen for his direction. He speaks to me but ever so softly. I find it hard to just sit and listen for God. Prayer is not only me petitioning God but should also involve the listening aspect and I think so often we do not emphasise the listening.

I plan on listening more to God and look for the many ways he speaks to me. It is uncanny how often he nudges me during the day.

Till later - Careful listening.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Recycle and electronics

Well I did it, Kevin and I took off all of the electronics that I kept hanging on to. We took it to the electronics recycle day. There were 2 monitors, 2 printers, cordless phone system with 7 handsets, 2 scanners, 1 computer and no telling what else. Oh by the way the computer was not mine, it was Mom's personal computer. I would have to take my hard drive out and have it professionally shredded (privacy laws).
I still held onto a scanner hoping that I can find someone to fix it for a lot less than I can buy a new one. I don't think there is much wrong with it but it cost so much for someone to even look at it to find out.
I wish my computer geek son lived closer, that's what happens to kids, you send them off to get an education which you know will be useful to you and what do they do? Move off!!! Sent son to be electronics geek, knowing I would need his expertise in my business and all I got was a $30,000 networking job. With that kind of money you would expect lifetime warranty at no charge, right? No as soon as it is all done and the warranty is to begin, he moves 3+ hours away. That is the way warranties are!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Getting Started

Why am I sitting here doing this? I have been a lurker long enough. Finally decided to give it a try, blogging that is. We will see how long it is until my next post. I should be in bed now but here I sit. It seem like I can't sleep like I used to, is it my age? I know my Mom always said wait till you get older and you won't be able to sleep either. Well thanks Mom, I guess it is coming. Although in the mornings I have no trouble sleeping at all. It's just at night. Maybe I am reverting back to childhood, babyhood, I'll have to ask Mom at what age I started sleeping through the night, I hope that doesn't indicate how many days I have left on this earth.
Maybe if I write long enough I will get sleepy, You think? I know my Italian Greyhound Vito wants me to go to bed, I can always tell, he gets antsy, it's like he doesn't want me up too late, like he's got some big date and doesn't want any interference. OK, Vito, I'm going to bed, are you happy now, you can let the date in now,
Well see ya later and hope I sleep tonight.