Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ice Storm

Well who knew? I have power, heat and internet. I have no cable TV however. Everyone around me is without power except for the rest home next door. I think it must be a blessing to live next door to a rest home. We've always said that when we got old all the kids had to do was put us over the fence and we would be taken care of. But the other good thing is that we must be on the same power grid as the rest home. I think they must be a priority or something because many a time we have power when many others around us do not. But with the falling of limbs that I hear outside that could change any minute.

I got out today with Samantha and we tried the trek to the office. Well that was a trip in and of itself. We started out and the roads really were not all that bad, the County has done a wonderful job preparing for the icy conditions. However limbs crossing the highways and power lines down did cause altered directions. We finally got to the office in a round about way, but we were there and the power was on, and you know what, the phone was ringing off the wall. We did some important matters that really needed to be taken care of and then told who ever called we would be leaving early. We also put the phone system on Inclement weather mode. I wish I could figure out a way to do that from home. I bet there is a way but I just have to learn.

Everything here is fine, hubby has gone to work and hopefully will come in tonight, that is if his relief comes in tonight. If not then I guess the morning will bring him home.

My aunt who lives in the high rise here in town called to say that they were without power and everywhere she could see out her 18th floor apartment was dark. So looks like the whole town pretty much is powerless. She is fine, having a slumber party with some of her girlfriends.

Well I made it through this post and no loss. Guess I'm doing good. I hope all of you get your power on quickly and stay warm.

Till later.

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