Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Family has always been important to me and my family. I really attribute that to my maternal grandmother, Nell. Grandma died of heart problems and breast cancer in 1986. If anyone in the family was having a problem then Grandma had a dinner and had all the family come together.
We had dinners for my uncle going into a mental institution, another uncle going off to war in the early 70's, divorces, separations, deaths, new boyfriends, marriages, pregnancies, remarriages, graduations, holidays, Sundays, Saturdays, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Folks coming in from Florida, and then they were handed down to My uncle and MY Mom, and now they are handed down to My generation.

My generation which will carry on the Family Dinner consist of 3 girls, 15 months apart in age, and close enough to be all sisters. Our mothers used to laugh that whenever we got together we couldn't help but giggle all the time. We still do!!! We love being together, We just don't do it enough. Well that has got to change, our children are now all grown, and we really have no excuses any longer.

Well Grandma we need another dinner, my cousin Karen, who just lost her Mother to Breast Cancer in March, has now gotten the dreaded word that she too has BC.

We are blessed to have the family that supports one another, loves one another and is ready with a dinner for one another.

How more blessed can you be?

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